EMZ’s ESG policy

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EMZ Partners (“EMZ”) has been active in the French unlisted investment market since 1999 and has gradually carved out a unique position among the various market players by recognising the key role that entrepreneurs and management teams play in value creation.

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By entering into transactions that enable these officers, executives and family or founding shareholders to become or remain the main shareholders in their companies, EMZ contributes to the creation of stable long-lasting shareholder structures that keep the company’s leading stakeholders involved over the long term.
This enduring and balanced partnership with management teams, and the quality of governance within the portfolio companies, are at the core of EMZ’s ESG policy.

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Integration of ESG principles into the company’s management and investment policy

At the same time, EMZ has introduced a number of initiatives in recent years that confirm the importance of ESG principles in our investment policy and management.

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management company

EMZ has set up a dedicated ESG team that includes the Chief Executive Officer, the Company Secretary and the ESG Director.

It works closely with the investment teams and the finance and risk teams, from the pre-investment phase to the disposal phase, and is supported, depending on specific needs, by external service providers chosen for the quality of their expertise.

EMZ places great emphasis on raising team members’ awareness and providing them with training on ESG issues.

  • Internally: compliance with the Code of Conduct, waste recycling, prioritising service providers who are committed to ESG issues, and supporting sponsorship initiatives of the portfolio companies that address social and cultural issues through the Donations and Sponsorship Committee created in 2018
  • In their role as investors, in order to ensure that ESG issues are taken into account in investment decisions (based on a dual risk and opportunity approach) and the monitoring of portfolio companies
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EMZ takes ESG criteria into account throughout the investment cycle and aims to actively raise portfolio company officers’ awareness of sustainability issues, through an ongoing consultation and consensus process.

Lastly, EMZ communicates with investors on the ESG practices and performance of portfolio companies, by systematically covering these issues in annual reports.

Our objectives
EMZ’s ESG policy meets several objectives:
  • Fully integrating environmental and social criteria into its investment policy and supporting entrepreneurs and management teams in implementing their CSR approach
  • Integrating risk factors associated with non-financial criteria and being in a position to identify their potential impact on value creation 
  • Identifying ESG opportunities in terms of value creation  
  • Ensuring that its investment policy and remuneration policy do not negatively impact the sustainability of the portfolio
  • Reporting on our ESG commitments to EMZ’s investors and complying with our regulatory obligations
  • Contributing to a continuous improvement process that takes into account the characteristics of the unlisted market and the size of the companies in which EMZ invests, and the implications thereof in terms of the availability of ESG data
EMZ Company

Our commitment to an investment policy that incorporates environmental, social and governance issues can be seen in EMZ’s adoption of the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), by which we commit to meeting the sustainable and responsible investment criteria of government institutions and inter-governmental organisations.

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