Jacky Perrenot

Jacky Perrenot is the third largest French road carrier with a dense footprint (82 sites across France) and one of the largest fleets in Europe (7,800 vehicles). Initially focused on agro-food and mass retail, the Group has expanded into a number of new segments over the past years thanks to an active M&A strategy led by Philippe Givone, CEO of Jacky Perrenot since 2007. The Group now benefits from a critical size and stands out as a leader in the ongoing ecological transition with the largest European green fleet.

In January 2020, EMZ and Siparex structured the acquisition of Jacky Perrenot alongside Philippe Givone (CEO) to provide liquidity to Jacky Perrenot (77 year old founder) and assist the deployment of the Group’s strategy which mostly relies on  relutive external growth, roll-out of green fleet and development in new niche markets.

Sector Road carrier
Country France
Acquisition 2020
Status Portfolio