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Management Centric

EMZ’s investment approach is resolutely management-centric.

Entrepreneurs we partner with know their business better than anyone. We expect our partners to show their confidence in the projects they support by investing meaningfully alongside us. In return, EMZ offers balanced, horizontal governance and value-sharing schemes recognizing the contribution of all to value creation.

Flexible Capital

EMZ has the ability to invest flexibly across the capital structure in subordinated debt and equity.

This ability enables to design custom and optimised structures to meet a breadth of capital requirements: shareholders’ liquidity, growth and acquisition financing, buyout of minority interests.


We practice what we preach.

EMZ is an independent company owned by its partners. This fosters a strong entrepreneurial spirit, swift decision-making, and stability of the team.


We have come across many different situations over our 25-year investment history.

We do not pretend being specialists of your business but we have observed that, in many occasions, situations tend to repeat themselves. We are happy to share our experience and access to our resources.

Over the past 25 years, EMZ has invested in excess of EUR 5 billion in 160 transactions. EMZ has offices in Paris and Munich from where it serves the main Continental Europe markets.

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