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Bruno Schnepp, CEO of the Group, performs a new management-sponsored transaction backed by a pool of financial investors.

Carso is a provider of bioanalytical services in environment, health and food safety for public bodies and private companies. Founded in 1992 following a spin-off from the CNRS to perform dioxin analyses, the group gradually completed its know-how, either through acquisitions or R&D developments, in order to offer a comprehensive range of analytical services, gathered in 5 business units : building, waste & environment, food, Energy & minerals and DNA Forensics.

With 2,500 headcounts and 31 sites throughout France and Europe, the group ranks n°1 or 2 in France alongside Eurofins and is one of the leading players in Europe.

EMZ has invested alongside Bruno Schnepp and a pool of financial investors composed of Unigrains, Raise Investissement, Siparex and Etoile ID.