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Founded in the 1990s, and originally operating in the electrical equipment distribution field, the company headed by Thierry Hourquet since 2018 rapidly shifted towards energy-efficiency solutions for buildings.

With its Axdis Pro brand, the group pioneered LED lighting solutions and heat pump systems in France. It was also the first to introduce thermodynamic hot water tanks in France. With heating, insulation, ventilation and lighting, Axdis now distributes a complete range of renovation solutions for the residential segment, enabling households to gain at least two letters in the EPC (Energy Performance Certificates) classification.

Besides, as buildings renovation is not enough to comply with the commitments taken by France and Europe towards the decarbonation of buildings, Axdis has also developed tailor-made solutions for the production of photovoltaic electricity, a necessary complement to energy efficiency solutions for buildings. Axdis has thus become the leading distributor of solar panel kits for installers in the residential and small tertiary markets in France.

Axdis therefore stands as a leading player in energy efficiency and transitioning solutions in France. The group also expanded into Spain with the acquisition of the Splitmania distribution network in November 2020 under the leadership of its CEO Lajos Darvas.

The group posted €350 million of sales in 2023, and anticipates strong growth in the years ahead both in France and Spain, fueled by the reinforcement of incentive schemes supporting energy transitioning.

In this context, the group, which remains majority-owned by its founding family, is welcoming EMZ Partners as financial investor alongside the management team, with the aim to further structure the Group and accelerate the development of the photovoltaic business.

EMZ will provide its expertise and financial resources in order to seize external growth opportunities and pursue the group’s European expansion.

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