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About Yuri & Neil

Founded in 2018, Yuri & Neil is a digital marketing agency supporting large clients and French and foreign startups in their digital strategies, covering a wide range of expertise: SEO, DATA, SEA, SOCIAL, CONTENT, TRAINING, ANALYTICS. The agency consists of a team of dedicated experts working with a results-oriented approach, placing clients at the heart of their concerns, thereby making marketing significantly more effective.

EMZ Partners has structured a management-sponsored transaction to support the Group in pursuing its organic development and accelerating its external growth strategy.

Founded in 2018 by Christophe Leroy and Clément Boccardi, Yuri & Neil has experienced remarkable growth track record, now positioning the Group as one of the most dynamic digital marketing players in France.

Yuri & Neil has historically thrived on strong SEO expertise, complemented by additional verticals in DATA, SEA, SOCIAL, CONTENT, TRAINING, and ANALYTICS. This comprehensive offering has enabled the Group to work with blue-chip clients such as Europcar, Accor, and PSG, all of whom have been attracted by Yuri & Neil’s unique collaborative and cross-functional approach.

Ludovic Bart and Alexandre Lefebvre, partners at EMZ, commented: “We were immediately convinced by Yuri & Neil’s operational excellence and differentiated DNA. We believe that the Group has developed very solid know-how and intrinsic values that align with a highly favorable market momentum; we are delighted to support the company, its founders, and its teams, to seize together the numerous growth opportunities that will arise in the short and medium term.

Clément Boccardi and Christophe Leroy, founders of Yuri & Neil, added: “Welcoming EMZ into our capital quickly became obvious and marks the beginning of a new milestone in our overall project to serve our clients and teams. With the support of EMZ, we are embarking on an exciting new phase of consolidation and conquest, and we look forward to this collaboration.

This partnership between Yuri & Neil and EMZ will be built around the accelerated deployment of the Group’s historic expertise and the development and/or acquisition of new value-added offerings, including internationally. The growth plan, designed to make Yuri & Neil one of the leaders in the digital marketing sector, will be carried out in line with the company’s values based on expertise, commitment, collaboration, and sustainability.

Additionally, the senior financing put in place was provided by CEIDF, Société Générale, and CIC.