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About Fovéa

Fovéa SAS is the holding company of the eponymous group. It is located in the Centre-Val de Loire, Nouvelle Aquitaine, Bretagne, Île-de-France and Occitanie regions. As of March 2023, the group comprises 35 clinics. The quest for a new partner aims to reach a critical size of around 150 clinics by 2027.

A Medical project of excellence – Fovéa is a French group of veterinary clinics with a medical project of excellence. The group provides the highest level of veterinary care based on preventive and generalist medicine in local clinics, specialized medicine in referral clinics, and additional services such as emergency medicine or tele-expertise. A growing number of the group’s clinics also offer multi-species expertise (pets / livestock).

A unique liberal model – Fovéa was founded by Pierre Colasson and Olivier Reineau in 2021 to offer a liberal alternative amid the consolidation of the vet clinics market by putting vets at the core of the project. Therefore, Fovéa relies on (i) a balanced governance between financial partners and vet shareholders (who are majority owners at all levels of the group) and (ii) a fair allocation of the future value creation among the different stakeholders, whether they are recent or long-standing shareholders.

A sustainable growth strategy – The group is expending in the west of France, with a cluster approach and a local critical size objective to promote synergies between clinics. The current perimeter comprises 35 clinics, located in 5 different regions. The medical team of more than 250 vets is young and committed, and represented in the capital by 70 partners. The objective is to pursue the development of the group by continuing to federate clinics while maintaining the group’s independence.



True to its initial commitment to support the group in the long term, the Family Office Cèdre, as historical shareholder of Fovéa, remains the group’s reference financial partner in this new phase of development. Convinced by Fovéa’s alternative model, EMZ has joined the shareholding structure through a flexible financial instrument in adequacy with the existing governance. In addition to strengthening the group’s financial capabilities with an investment capacity of up to €200 million, EMZ brings its experience in supporting similar projects in related markets.

Co-founder and vet specialist, Olivier Reineau is the group’s chairman:

“With Fovéa, we offer a model that respects the liberal values of our profession and is adapted to the future challenges of the sector. The group’s shareholders have found in EMZ a new partner who shares their values and wishes to support the evolution of the animal health sector.”


Pierre Colasson completes the co-founder duo and serves as CEO:

“We are convinced of the benefit of having a significant vet shareholding to contribute to the sector’s transformation in the long term. We partner with vets who are willing to commit in the development of their clinic and who value the collective aspect of the project. So far Cèdre, and now EMZ, have convinced us of their ambition for Fovéa and their ability to support us in the long term.”


The Cèdre team:

“Since the group’s inception, the teams have done a remarkable work, positioning the group as a reference player in the french vet market. Fovéa offers a distinctive liberal model and an ambitious medical project fitting the needs of vets. Pierre and Olivier form a high-quality complementary tandem that we are delighted to support in this project, alongside our new partner EMZ.”


Thierry Raiff and Charles Mercier from EMZ:

“We are very pleased to join all of Fovéa’s shareholders, led by Olivier Reineau and Pierre Colasson, and contribute to the group’s development with Cèdre. Convinced of the quality of the Fovéa project, we were also seduced by its liberal model, which is aligned with our strategy.”