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Batibig group reaches a new milestone by partnering with Helios group and ten traditional building companies to form a combined entity worth over €150 million revenue

As part of this deal, Batibig is reorganising its capital, with founders Charles and Justin Bignon remaining the majority shareholders alongside Siparex ETI and EMZ investing equally and the managers who ramp-up their stake in the group.

Founded in 2005 by Charles and Justin Bignon with ~10 partners, the group is backed by Siparex ETI since 2020. The company is a leading player in multi-specialist building maintenance and renovation, and focuses on plumbing, roofing, sealing, heating, and building facade refurbishing. Batibig carries out more than 100,000 projects per year, on the behalf of Residential Building Managers.

The group is expanding through organic growth and by partnering with traditional and family-owned companies with a strong technical expertise (Chapeau, Sogecop, Sofret, Foussadier, to name a few) that can benefit from technical and commercial synergies with the group.

Driven by both the quality of its teams and a tried-and-tested resilient business model combined with intense acquisition momentum (17 transactions in two years), Batibig demonstrates a strong growth of 35% p.a for more than 15 years.

Strongly committed to provide the best quality services to customers, Batibig created Batischool, an in-house training school offering personalized career-path, from apprenticeships to graduate programs. Specialized in 15 technical areas (plumbing, roofing, waterproofing, building facade refurbishing, heating, electricity…), Batibig offers one-stop-shop services covering emergency repairs, maintenance and building renovation. With a comprehensive range of technical skillset, Batibig is well-positioned to offer its customers the right support for all their energy efficiency projects.

Batibig has reached a new milestone in the development of its offering notably through new acquisitions. It also confirms its leading position in Ile-de-France on its sub-segment market


Founded in 1992, Helios group includes GEC Ile-de-France, Sallandre, Daniel Bain and Bonnet-Bafal companies. The group is specialised in building maintenance and renovation, mainly through sealing, roofing and plumbing work. It has 200 employees and generates revenue of €50m in the Ile de France region. Since 2019, the group has been owned by Azulis Capital, Jean-Christophe Blot (Chairman) and the management team.

Partnering with Helios group allows to strengthen the operational teams of Batibig’s historical businesses with existing customers (Residential Building Managers). It also allows the new group to open up to new markets such as social housing providers and local authorities.

This alliance comes as a natural step forward for 2 entities sharing a common corporate culture, notably shared value creation mechanism through the capital opening to the management and key employees.


Ten other companies will also join Batibig during the fourth quarter of 2022, including Tecnika, Technic Pro, AVR, Hayet, to name a few.

This tie-up with around forty specialised family-owned companies and a total employee headcount of 800 will fill out Batibig’s offering with new technical skills (fire protection and health, safety, etc.) and bring its total revenue to €150m.


In this context of a significant development for the group, Batibig is reorganising its capital around Charles and Justin Bignon who will remain the majority shareholders. Siparex ETI, a shareholder since 2020, is increasing its investment and is joined by EMZ investing equally. Committed to promote a strong entrepreneurial culture, the group’s eight long-standing managing partners are increasing their stakes in the company. They are joined by an extended circle of around one hundred employees from Batibig and Hélios groups.

Charles and Justin Bignon, founders of Batibig:

Batibig’s entrepreneurial success derives from a shrewd mix of strong expertise coming from the acquired companies and the quality of the managers/intrapreneurs who have joined us. Our ambition is to continue to be a leading player in building maintenance and renovation while we are committed to cover today’s ESG matters

Alexandre Tremblin and Quentin Brias, Siparex ETI: “Batibig has experienced a stellar growth in the recent years, driven by the talent of Charles and Justin Bignon, and their managing partners. We are very proud to have been able to actively contribute to the development and structuring of the group. This new investment via our ETI 5 fund is fully in line with Batibig’s ambition to become the national leader in the sector.”

François Carré and Pierre-François Gueit, EMZ: “Batibig operates a very resilient business by specializing in emergency interventions mainly for Residential Building Managers. Furthermore, its leading position in Ile-de-France which positioned Batibig as a natural market consolidator, offers the group a myriad of growth opportunities. We are therefore thrilled to join the group’s growth journey and support its development with Siparex alongside Charles and Justin Bignon as well as the many managers who are reinvesting substantially in this new deal.”

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