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Founded in 1933, Groupe Ginger is the leader in France for expertise engineering related to construction, industry, environment and land planning across 4 main segments: engineering of soils, engineering of materials, diagnosis & pathology and environmental engineering. 

Through technical studies, the company secures construction projects and structures, incorporates the environmental context and improves sustainability. Groupe Ginger develops its core competencies around a unique value chain: collecting, analysing, diagnosing and advising.

With 1,700 employees, of which 650 engineers, and significant sampling and analysing resources, the company offers engineering expertise through a network of 70 agencies in metropolitan and ultramarine territories, thus enabling the Group to operate on French and international projects.

In October 2017, EMZ invested in Groupe Ginger alongside the management team, who were able to strengthen their capital share and to dispose of financial capacities to pursue Group’s development strategy. Two current shareholders (Siparex and BNP Paribas Développement) have reiterated their confidence in the Group by participating to this new round of financing its next stage of development.