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Orolia intends to accelerate its consolidation strategy with the ambition to double in size over the next 3 years.

Orolia designs and commercializes high-precision timing and synchronization systems for critical applications. These systems are cucial in navigation (supplier of the atomic clocks of the Galileo constellation), defense and telecommunications. In 2009, Orolia expanded its activities to the geolocalisation business.

Orolia’s strong growth over the past years notably resulted from a dynamic acquisition strategy (5 companies acquired since 2007) which allowed the group to become the number 2 player in the timing and geolocalisation high-precision electronic equipments market.

In order to accelerate its consolidation strategy and double in size over the next 3 years, Orolia decided to strengthen its long-term financial resources. In this context, EMZ arranged and underwrote a 12 million euros private bond financing.